The DA`s chicken politics

The DA`s chicken politics

15 October 2002

The ANC Western Cape calls on the DA to stop their childish "chicken" campaign.

This is the kind of politics which has brought nothing but shame and embarrassment to the city and its people in the past years under DA-rule.

Cape Town politics has been enough of a laughing stock. This latest campaign is dragging the name of the city even further down the drain.

Legislation providing for councillors to join another party of their choice, has been en-acted in the interest of stability and good governance.

The DP/DA was the first and main party to advocate for the change of the law, having went on their knees to Deputy President Jacob Zuma, begging him to allow the DA to come into existence in the National Assembly and provincial legislatures.

Now that the provision is back-firing on them, they want to make a mockery of the process.

In 1999 the majority of voters opted for the ANC (42%). The DP as a 12% party prevented the ANC from taking its rightful place. With only five members in the provincial legislature, they grabbed power with four cabinet seats controlling 80% of the budget!

They had two years of stolen power and brought nothing but scandal, corruption and shame to this province and city.

Childish "chicken" campaigns will not deter the ANC from working together with the NNP, with the aim of uniting African, Coloured and White people for non-racialism and fighting poverty.

Issued by:
African National Congress - Western Cape

For further enquiries contact:
ANC Provincial Media Officer Gert Witbooi 082-570-9118.