ANC Western Cape statement on the resignation of Morkel

ANC Western Cape statement on the resignation of Morkel

4 December 2002, Wednesday

The ANC Western Cape welcomes the resignation today of Gerald Morkel as leader of the DA in the province.

Said ANC Provincial Secretary Mcebisi Skwatsha: "It was long overdue and we welcome it, but he should go all the way and retire entirely from public life.

"His resignation and the earlier retirement of Hennie Bester constitute a serious motion of no-confidence in the entire DA leadership and particularly Tony Leon, who has been protecting him even in the face of unprecedented embarrassment and scandal. It is despicable that Leon still supports Morkel.

"We have always maintained that Mr Morkel has done irreparable harm to the public office of the premier and then as mayor. His reign has brought nothing but scandal and instability in government, which had a severe impact on service delivery.

"He left the provincial administration with many questions unanswered regarding the employment of Ryan Coetzee. It is clear from the Desai report that Morkel still has much to answer for his role in the soliciting of foreign currency.

"Just recently Mr Morkel`s own caucus did not even vote him to the top position for a post on Exco. Just like he had lost his premiership and the mayoral chain, so he will soon loose his position on Exco.

"He should do the honourable thing and leave public office entirely now, rather than face another humiliating exit when the Executive Mayoral system comes into effect."