ANC Western Cape confident that list conference will strengthen ANC and lay basis for an election victory

ANC Western Cape confident that list conference will strengthen ANC and lay basis for an election victory

23 October 2003

With our National Office having postponed our provincial list conference earlier this month, the ANC Western Cape is now set to convene this weekend to begin the process of electing its public representatives in the legislatures of our country ­ provincial and national.

The list conference will be held on Saturday 25 October, 09h00, Ikwezi Community Hall, Guguletu.

This is the culmination of an extensive process, having begun with branches discussing the criteria and character required of the ANC`s public representatives. On Saturday 472 delegates will make their mark for the candidates of their choice.

Unlike other parties, the ANC follows a most open and democratic process where our branches from the vast majority of delegates discuss and make nominations. Cosatu, SACP, Sanco, the Women`s and Youth Leagues, Sasco, Cosas have also mandated delegates to attend the list conference. Such an open process is the strength of the ANC, but by its nature creates some tensions.

The past weeks have seen the media exploiting some of these tensions and speculating about likely outcomes. Usually on occasions like these, our enemies are quick to predict that the ANC will split and weaken. They predicted this in 1994, in 1999, and at our 4th Provincial Conference in October 2001, and yet today we are not only the biggest party in the province, but also well poised for a decisive electoral victory in 2004. We are confident that the cooperation between the ANC and NNP is working well.

The pace of delivery is speeding up. The people of the Western Cape see and feel the transformation every day. The voters will never give the DA another opportunity to govern the Western Cape. They do not want to go back to an era of anti-transformation, preservation of privilege, bunkers and racism.

The ANC`s Provincial Executive Committee met yesterday to finalise the credentials and logistical arrangements. And everyone was determined to ensure that the ANC comes out of this process even stronger and more united.

Issued by:
African National Congress - Western Cape

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