Postponement of ANC Western Cape List Conference

Postponement of ANC Western Cape List Conference

6 October 2003

Recent press reports quoting unnamed sources in the ANC have suggested impropriety in the list process and organisational problems in the ANC.

We want to state categorically that these reports are false, baseless and mischievous. The ANC remains focused and well poised to fight and win the coming elections in the province and nationally.

The list process in the ANC is governed by guidelines and time-frames from our national office. It is also managed by the Provincial List Committee, coordinated by Yousuf Gabru, MPL.

Every branch of the ANC was given an opportunity to nominate any person they would like to have in one of the lists ­ provincial or national.

Only branches in good standing as per ANC constitution could elect delegates for the list conference, and such delegation is subject to proportionality. Cut-off dates were given to branches way in advance, including cut-off dates for branch general meetings to nominate delegates.

After the nominations were received from branches, the Provincial List Committee compiled a composite list of only those people who secured five or more nominees. These lists were sent back to branches for objections.

Having taken into consideration objections from branches, the lists were then finalised and submitted to the Provincial Executive Committee (PEC). These final names will then serve as a ballot for the provincial list conference later this month.

Hence we strongly object to any insinuations or suggestions that there were problems or manipulation of delegations of branches to the conference. This has never been the culture of the organisation. The ANC has always been democratic and transparent, and follows due process.

We want to state it clearly that the provincial list conference that was to have taken place over the weekend, was postponed because of a circular from the National Office, indicating that all conferences have been postponed and not just the Western Cape.

This postponement was mainly due to ensuring proper logistical and administrative arrangements, and not due to the mischievous suggestions from the so-called unnamed sources in the ANC.

Suggestions of racial divisions in the ANC are devoid of any truth. Stating existence of so-called "Africanists Agenda" in the ANC is wrong and baseless. The ANC has always been a non-racial organisation and the constitution of the ANC is clear on these issues.

Labels such as "Africanist Agenda" are unfortunate and serve to take our country back to racist classifications and the "swart gevaar" mentality.

Issued by:
African National Congress - Western Cape

For further enquiries, contact:
Mcebisi Skwatsha, Provincial Secretary: 082-829-7452
James Ngculu, Head of Elections Media: 082-577-0519