Developers and donations to the ANC

Developers and donations to the ANC

27 November 2003

The ANC herewith confirm that donations received at a fundraising gala dinner held in Plettenberg Bay have been returned to two developers.

Lynne Brown, the Provincial Treasurer of the ANC, stated:

"We fully supported the decision by Minister Valli Moosa to return the money donated in an auction of his time. In addition we have returned a donation of another developer in the area.

"In all instances where there may be breaches of environmental law it is important that any suggested conflict of interest is nullified.

"There are processes and procedures in government, the legislature and through the courts where any allegations of improper conduct must be investigated and where there are transgressions the law must be upheld. In both instances there are allegations that Environmental Impact Assessments, as required in law, have not been undertaken.

"The ANC has returned the donations to ensure that due process can be followed without any hint of impropriety or conflict of interest," said Brown.

Furthermore, the ANC Chief Whip and Spokesperson on Planning Garth Strachan, has said that such a step taken as a matter of principle, can also ensure that any efforts to divert attention away from the Olive Grove Dam are not lent credence.

The Standing Committee on Local Government, Development Planning and Environment has resolved that the matter be handed to the Director of Public Prosecutions. This resolution has appeared on the Announcements, Tablings and Committee Reports of the Provincial Parliament and will be adopted by the Provincial Legislature on the 3rd December.

Said Strachan: "The Democratic Alliance have continued to suggest that the dam was Olawful and regularĀ¹ even though the records show that they did not oppose the decision in the Standing Committee to refer the matter to the DPP.

"This is a contradictory stance. If necessary the matter should be debated in the Provincial Parliament so that the DA can make their position clear.

"It is now confirmed by the Department that two of the 9 cases referred to in the Department`s Annual Report, as being issues which are in the process of being referred to the DPP, involve the Langeberg Municipality. Namely, Grootfontein Farm, Stilbaai 486/49 and Rolhoek, Witsand.

"Furthermore there are allegations of numerous other transgressions, including an illegal jetty in Stilbaai, which has not been removed.

"The record of the Langeberg Municipality with regard to upholding environmental law is shocking. The ANC will today call on the Provincial Minister of Environment, Johan Gelderblom, to investigate all outstanding cases in the municipality, including where conflict of interests may have arisen, for urgent action.

"In the light of this situation the ANC also calls on the Mayor and Leader of the DA to resign forthwith."

Issued by:
African National Congress - Western Cape

For further comment contact:
Lynne Brown 021-487-1601, or Garth Strachan 083-454-6667.