Statement by ANC-WC Provincial Secretary on DPP`s decision

Statement by ANC-WC Provincial Secretary on DPP`s decision

20 October 2006, Friday

I have been informed per letter yesterday that the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) decided not to prosecute me in respect of the so-called “Jama Security tender”. The DPP’s decision follows a lengthy and thorough investigation by both the police and the DPP’s office.

I have always maintained that I am innocent, that I have nothing to hide and I am relieved that this episode is finally behind me. I have been vindicated.

When these allegations emerged last year, I called two press conferences where I provided incontrovertible proof of my innocence. Both these press conferences were well attended and at both these press conferences I handed documents to the members of the press and explained the content thereof. It is patently clear that I was falsely accused in order to damage my personal integrity and political career.

I am not a corrupt person and my conscience is clear on this. I have never used any of my positions to enrich myself, my family or my friends. When I had a choice of remaining an MEC or becoming Provincial Secretary of the ANC, I decided to stand for election as Provincial Secretary, as I believe that building a strong and united ANC is more important than the trappings of higher status.

I was wrongfully accused and those who bore false witness against me, or smeared me in the media - including the DA and Helen Zille – did so in order to discredit the ANC and myself, should be ashamed of themselves.

It is unfortunate that there are those in the Legislature and the media who found me guilty even before the DPP completed their assessment of the evidence. I hope that politicians would exercise more caution in future before they attack the integrity of their opponents or the organs of state. I also hope that the decision of the DPP’s office will lay this matter to rest.

These false allegations have placed a heavy burden on my family and my elderly father in particular. I want to thank my father, wife, my family, the leadership of the ANC and all those comrades who have stood by me in these difficult times. I will never forget your support.

Mcebisi Skwatsha, ANC Provincial Secretary (Western Cape)