ANC-Western Cape: DA-ICOSA deal sealed

ANC-Western Cape: DA-ICOSA deal sealed

29 November 2006, Wednesday

Shortly after the recent local government elections, Theuns Botha, the DA’s provincial leader stated unequivocally that the DA “can’t be party to putting (Truman) Prince back into power” and predicted that Prince, who was found guilty of corruption and mismanagement, “and his cronies will disappear off the scene within the next two years”. Botha also assured the ANC that the DA will never work with ICOSA.

In August, when it became known that the DA was in negotiations with the ICOSA and Prince to take control of the Kannaland Municipality, James Selfe chairperson of the DA’s federal council denied that they were “entering into an alliance with Truman Prince and accused the media of “misrepresenting the facts” by relying on “secondary sources” and as a consequence “arrived at a conclusion that is simply not true”. He then stated it “for the record” that “the DA is not in an alliance with Prince nor has it or will it contemplate doing so”.

Yesterday Botha confirmed that a deal was signed with Prince and ICOSA. Part of this agreement is that Prince will resign as a councillor. The ANC has information that part of the deal is that Prince will then become the full-time organiser for ICOSA whilst the re-constituted DA-controlled council will illegally reopen the case against Prince and allow him an opportunity to appeal his conviction and suspension. This, on ICOSA’s insistence, might result in Prince getting his position as municipal manager of the district municipality back.

“When Prince was found guilty and suspended, he was given an opportunity to appeal but he did not use the opportunity because of the overwhelming evidence against him. The DA has been pressurising the ANC for months to reopen the appeal process illegally. It is scandalous and smacks of disrespect for due procedure and clean governance,” Mcebisi Skwatsha, ANC Provincial Secretary said.

“A good relationship between the ANC and DA that was forged with the intention to provide stable, credible and clean governance is now being sacrificed for the sake of narrow political gain, political irresponsibility and expediency,” Skwatsha added.

“The DA made much noise about Prince and his antics as well as the scandals he and his friends like Jeffrey Donson (full-time councillor in the DA-led Kannaland Municipality) found themselves in and is now going back on the promise with the ANC never to form an alliance with ICOSA. The dirt of ICOSA is now the dirt of the DA,” Skwatsha concluded.

The DA is also busy negotiating with ICOSA in Laingsburg to put Bennie Kleinbooi, a convicted criminal who has repeatedly been found guilty of drunken driving and who was the first person in the country to have his car confiscated by the Asset Forfeiture Unit, in a position of power.

The ANC reiterates its pledge that we will never work with questionable characters such as Kleinbooi, Prince, Donson, Petrus Roodtman and other ICOSA leaders as we are convinced that abusing the public funds and resources for personal gain is more important to them than the creation of a better life for all.

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