ANC Western Cape statement on Ngoro & racism

4 August 2005

The ANC Western Cape has issued a statement condemning and distancing itself from the racist statements of Blackman Ngoro. We have also supported the statements and actions of the Mayor of the City of Cape Town in distancing the council from Ngoro`s statements and launching an investigation into the matter. We have noted that Ngoro is not a member and has never been a member of the ANC.

It is for this reason that the ANC Western Cape is surprised and disappointed by the statement issued by Rev Allan Boesak as a "deeply concerned ANC member" about Blackman Ngoro.

Unfortunately Boesak has not raised his concerns within the structures of the ANC or with the leadership of the ANC as is expected of ANC members.

We are concerned that the issue of Ngoro`s statements has been used to create an impression that the ANC is soft on the issue of racial attacks on Coloureds, but reacts strongly when Africans are attacked.

Boesak is quoted as saying that had anyone made such derogatory remarks about black people they would have been "hanged from the highest tree" by now.

We don`t understand this statement. When Boesak was accused in August 2003 of making racist remarks to African people working on his house, the ANC defended him and publicly intervened on the matter. We believed in his integrity and innocence until proven guilty.

On 27 May 2005 the Cape Times reported that Frank Martin, chairman of the DA Ward 19 branch in Delft wrote a pamphlet in which he asked "coloureds in the area to resist black people being moved into the area." Adams admitted writing the pamphlet and said: "As soon as a coloured person speaks out about issues affecting him he`s a racist, but when Africans speak out they are not racists."

Kent Morkel, DA leader in Cape Town, defended Martin`s statements. As far as we know no action has been taken against Martin by the DA and he remains their member and branch chairperson.

In January this year the Prince`s, a coloured family from Melkbosstrand, were the victims of a racial attack by their white neighbours. The ANC mobilised community support for the Princes and is still supporting them in every court appearance to this day.

The ANC has also taken up numerous other incidents of racism against people from all groups in our province.

In these all incidents there was a general silence from those who are now so vocal, including from Allan Boesak and the Christian View Network.

It is clear that an open season has been declared on the ANC using Ngoro`s statements and all objectivity has been lost on this matter. We call on ANC members to defend the non-racial policies of the ANC in the face of this campaign and we reiterate our strong opposition and commitment to eradicating any form of racism in our society.

Issued by: Mcebisi Skwatsha, Provincial Secretary, ANC Western Cape. For further information please phone 083 643 3325.