ANC-WC Statement on the exoneartion of Truman Prince

ANC-WC Statement on the exoneartion of Truman Prince

10 June 2007

The decision by the DA led Beaufort West Municipality to exonerate Truman Prince in his appeal process defies belief and logic.

It paves the way for his reinstatement as Municipal Manager of that town. It confirms the suspicion, notwithstanding assurances to the contrary, that the agreement between the DA and ICOSA to constitute the municipality in Beaufort West is underpinned by a secret agreement. The appeal process was set up against the legal advice provided by legal experts from the South African Local Government Authority and senior council. It was done in the face of stiff opposition from the ANC in council and the Provincial Legislature. Apart from other considerations the appeal should not have been heard because the deadline for an appeal under the law had lapsed.

The DA must walk the talk and not just grandstand on corruption.Why did they proceed with the appeal when compelling expert legal opinion advised against it and against due process. The ANC calls for the DA led Municipality to provide a detailed public statement on the process and reasons for the exoneration on 7 serious charges including abuse of the mayoral fund, the payment of a performance bonus without proper process, false claims for accommodation expenses and serious allegations regarding physical threats to assault individuals and involvement with girl child prostitution.

The ANC calls on DA provincial leader Theuns Botha and national leader Helen Zille to provide assurances that the process was impartial which we have reason to believe is not the case. The DA led council should give full reasons why the appeal was successful and the DA leadership should provide the public with assurances that he will not be reappointed as Municipal Manager or receive a lump sum settlement.

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