ANC-WC takes control of Drakenstein and Knysna Municipalities

ANC-WC takes control of Drakenstein and Knysna Municipalities

3 September 2007

Seven council members, six from the Independent Democrats and one independent, have crossed the floor to join the African National Congress in the Drakentein Municipality.

The six ID councillors are senior members of the ID and were all members of the Mayoral Committee including, the Deputy Mayor.

Their names are as follows:

  • Wihelm Nothnagel (Deputy Mayor of the Drakenstein Municipality and the Chairperson of the Boland)
  • Martinus Le Hoe (Mayoral Committee Member)
  • Thulani Kompela (Mayoral Committee Member)
  • Harisah Douman (Mayoral Committee Member)
  • Claude Julies (Mayoral Committee Member)
  • Conwill du Plessies (Mayoral Committee Member)
  • Philmon Mazam (Independent)

At the press conference held in Drankentein today, new member Claud Julies said, "The ID has become a party that does not allow any culture of debate. There is a lack of leadership and vision in the ID.

"The last straw for the ID was to undertake to work with the conservative DA. After consultation with my community we came to the conclusion that the only place where we could make a meaningful contribution was in the ANC.

"I wholeheartedly support the non-racial vision of the ANC and feel that this party carries the best interests for the entire South African community", said Claud Julies.

Another new member, Wilhelm Nothnagel said, "I am relieved to be out of the ID furthermore I believe that I will spend the rest of my political career in the ANC. I consider myself to be a patriotic South African and one that can make a profound contribution to the building of this country and particularly on a local level.

"The ID has become a party with no proper leadership and has subjected itself to unscrupulous tactics, which has become too much for me to tolerate. I am convinced that I would be able to serve my constituency better within the ANC and in so doing will be able to provide a more meaningful contribution", he said

ANC Provincial Secretary, Mcebisi Skwatsha said today: "The ANC welcomes the councillors as full members of the ANC. The ANC will reconstitute the Drakenstein Municipality. This will put an end to the three months DA rule in the council.

"I can also confirm that the ANC has an absolute majority in the Knysna Municipality. We are confident of further gains in the Provincial Legislature and other municipalities", said Skwatsha.

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