ANC-WC statement on racism and ID

ANC-WC statement on racism and ID

4 September 2007

The ANC condemns in the strongest possible terms remarks by the Hon Sarah Paulse MPL that Mr Wilhelm Nothnagel is a `wit kaffir`. The fact that we have a recording of this utterance, which we shall make available in due course, ensures that it is not an allegation - it is a matter of fact.

It must be common cause that her utterance has no place in our democracy and society. The remark comes as no surprise because the ANC has received reports that canvassing in the recent by election in Paarl was characterised by frequent instances of racism of this sort. It is a very sad day indeed when political leaders resort to primitive prejudice and emotion to achieve their objectives.

Particularly, given the history of our country, racism should have no place to hide. This applies especially to elected political representatives who have a solemn constitutional obligation to oppose hate speech. Racism can never have a place in the cut and thrust of politics in our constitutional democracy. We therefore call on all political parties to condemn Hon Paulse`s utterance. This should include the Democratic Alliance and the Independent Democrats

The ANC is seeking legal advice on the matter and we shall make an announcement tomorrow on the course of action we intend to follow in this regard.

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