ANC calls on its members and supporters to remain motivated

ANC calls on its members and supporters to remain motivated

12 November 2015

ANC calls on its members and supporters to remained motivated, united, committed and focused. We must re-double our efforts and remain grounded with and for our people.

We are disappointed but accept the outcomes of the by elections. We want to thank all our loyal volunteers, members and supporters that worked tirelessly during this by election.

We will go back to the drawing board and reflect on lessons learnt so that come 9 December by elections in the City and Oudtshoorn we will bounce back.

We will do a proper and critical assessment. We will ask difficult questions, provide reason, recommendation and explore strategic consideration. We will emerge a stronger better and more united ANC.

We remain resolute and determined to demonstrate that the ANCs core focus is solving peoples problems and is a credible and real alternative to DAs lies and deception of using Coloured and African votes to maintain White privilege.

Despite this set back we will work harder to earn the trust and confidence of our communities and people by getting credible candidates that will serve and champion local issues of basic service delivery, job creation and creating safer drug free communities.

We call of all progressive and freedom loving people to join us on our march for real change and development. Lets build stronger and empowered communities to ensure responsive and accountable governance.

Amandla : All Power to the People : Alle krag aan die mense!


ANC Provincial Secretary
Faiez Jacobs
For more information please contact:
Jabu Mfusi - 0820495213
Yonela Diko - 0767243062