ANC WCape dismisses the M&G Front Page story on the President

ANC WCape dismisses the M&G Front Page story on the President

20 November 2015

The ANC in the Western Cape utterly dismisses the Front Page Mail & Guardian story which seeks to invent a certain secret meeting by the President of the Republic with the so called known Cape Gangs as frivolous, incoherent, and pathetic and any journalist worth his salt would know that the Issue of gangs in the Western Cape has long been used as a political tool to daily throw mud at others with accusations and counter accusations and its a daily occurrence here in Western Cape, instead of it being a community problem to be solved.

The Article is so frivolous that after creating an impression of this so called meeting as being secretive, it then in the middle of it mentions as a by the way, that the meeting also included religious leaders and members of the Griqua royal house, along with other Coloured Community leaders. What this means is that this source and journalist responsible for this article considered all these people in bed with the so called Cape Gang. That is just plain stupid.

The real question is who is funding the Cape gangs in the Western Cape. We know it as a fact that Dan Plato, DA's MEC for Community Safety, through operation 'Cease Fire' fed millions into the gang machinery using the community resource centre. Plato has met with gangs on numerous occasions and even his and Zille's ease with the now suspended Scheepers, speaks of the backhanded approach of this Provincial government to gangsters and crime. We also know it as a fact that gangsters were given contracts to guard 30 buildings around the Western Cape by the Western Cape government through the now discredited Filcon Project. These are matters we are busy following through court processes.

The ANC has absolutely no relations with any gangs in any part of the country. What is required is for this Province to have a political will and appetite to deal decisively with the issue of gangs, crime, and drugs and not keep it alive for the sake of political gamesmanship.

Issued by
Faiez Jacobs
ANC Provincial Secretary

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