ANC Statement on the dismissed City of Cape Town appeals application

ANC Statement on the dismissed City of Cape Town appeals application

25 November 2015

The ANC in the Western Cape is pleased that the High Court Judge, Leslie Weinkove, has decided to dismiss the appeal case of the City Of Cape Town against the South Road Families Association, for the City`s clear disregard for public participation as a key component in implementing any programme that affects communities.

The Judge rightfully concluded, after an attempt by the City, using expensive lawyers, abusing taxpayers money, arguing in favour for appeal, that he finds no reason to differ from his original judgement and feels that any other court would have come to the same conclusion.

As the ANC we have been central in this struggle to preserve the rights of the South Road Families to meaningful public participation and together with them, we share in their joy. The DA must account for misusing the funds of taxpayers of the City to fight poor communities. We have long argued that the DA is not a government of the people, and to hire expensive advocates to forcefully remove the people from their rightful homes is just inhumane. We demand answers from Mayor Patricia de Lille.

We are grateful that the South Road Families have placed it on record their sincere thanks to the ANC leadership and cadres on the ground for their unwavering support and guidance in their battle.

Not surprisingly, the City now admits that they knew they had to do public participation, and are suddenly inventive that public participation did happen, but the judge was not persuaded. The judge rightfully asked why the letters of termination cancelling the leases were issued, why did the City go ahead and demolition the houses without a meaningful and realistic public participation. To this, the City had no answers.

The Judge had no choice but to dismiss the Case with costs,

Faiez Jacobs
Provincial Secretary

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