ANC Western Cape notes the misguided picket by the DA at our Provincial Office

ANC Western Cape notes the misguided picket by the DA at our Provincial Office

1 December 2015

The ANC in the Western Cape notes the misguided membership of the DA that has responded to their gang-linked leaders, who seek to exonerate themselves from evidence of their gang relations, using their ordinary members.

It is typical of the DA to use their black voters to do all their dirty work, to do the marches and pickets on the streets and in courts, without any of their liberal white members, and without any representation of those poor members at their high teas and their leadership structures. As has been confirmed by the multiple members and leaders of the DA who have joined the ANC, the DA uses coloureds and African people to protect the interests of the few, using the legitimate black vote.

The truth cannot be hidden any more. Helen Zille is a liar. Who is she fooling that on first meeting with Scheepers, she just handed over her cellphone for debugging. Zille`s ease with the suspended Scheepers, speaks of the backhanded approach of this Provincial government to gangsters and crime. The ANC will be passing a vote of no confidence on Zille as a Premier today at the Provincial Legislature, for using state resources to finance her paranoia and put more money in the hands of gangs and questionable figures.

We also know as a fact that Dan Plato, DA`s MEC for Community Safety, through operation `Cease Fire` fed millions into the gang machinery. We know it as a fact that gangsters were given contracts to guard 30 buildings around the Western Cape by the Western Cape government through the now discredited Filcon Project. These are the matter we are following through the courts.

Knowing the DA, with their tendency to run to the courts at the slightest smoke screen, if they had any evidence against the ANC and its leaders with regards to gang relations, they would have gone to court.

We condemn this abuse of ordinary members with the hope of a confrontation and headlines.

Faiez Jacobs
Provincial Secretary

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Yonela Diko - 0767243062