Statement on the outcomes of the Special Elections PEC Meeting

Statement on the outcomes of the Special Elections PEC Meeting

6 November 2015

The Provincial Executive Committee (PEC) of the ANC in the Western Cape convened as part of its monthly Executive meeting, a special Executive Committee Meeting on the ANC`s state of readiness for the local government elections early next year.

The PEC assessed both the state of the organization and the state of the Province leading up to the Local Government Elections next year.

The PEC noted that it`s almost harvest season with great potential for temporary employment for many residents in the rural and farm parts of the province. This opportunity however is always open to manipulation and exclusion and we want all residents to benefit from harvest and opportunities that come along with the season. We call on all Farm Owners to do right by their workers and to fairly share their profits with their workers.

As the PEC we call on all our Branches, to double their efforts, to renew their activism and charge ahead with more vigor and determination in championing community issues. Farm workers should not be abused by farm owners in the silence of our Branches to engage Farm owners. Our Branches must work closely with community leaders who may not be part of our Branches in order for the ultimate goal of giving a better life to our communities to be realized. COSATU as the leader of worker issues and our Alliance partner in that space must renew its mandate and take the worker issues to the streets of communities, and to the doors of policy formulation. Communities are very concerned about the struggles of workers coming from these communities and COSATU, working together with SANCO, an Alliance leader on Community issues, must work in harmony and closely in order for the life of both communities and workers to be improved.

The PEC sees great potential in the closing of the gap and elevating the prospects of ANC victory in all municipalities and has Identified areas of strength that must be prioritized.

ANC Structures

The PEC notes, through our back to basics programme that our Structures are not at their best shape and more work needs to be done to strengthen them. In our drive to get our structures into an election mode the ANC has Identified other structures as having weakness that must be addressed urgently. Our PCO offices must be fully resourced, our Branches must account for the numbers that are reported vis a v the numbers that actually are visible at Branch meetings. Our Wards are big but our Branches are small, there seems to be an unfortunate problem of gatekeeping.

The PEC noted that the ANC victory in by-elections in Grabouw, where a candidate, steeped in community issues and leading, is the best way to ensure community leaders become Ward Councilors and the ANC Branches must work hard to support only those who are leading Communities to become Ward Councilors.

ANC Woman`s League and Youth League

The PEC noted that 50% of unregistered voters are young people and therefore the work and programmes of the Youth League becomes very important. The PEC notes that the party`s Youth League in the province is not at its all times strength and this must be dealt with urgently. The Youth has a lot of energy and is highly driven as the Fee protest has shown. What is important is for this energy and enthusiasm to be redirected to strengthening the work of the ANC and to championing community issues.

The Woman`s league in the Province is also far from its best. The duty to strengthen the leagues was a collective responsibility. The PEC resolved to anchor the leagues and to support all their programmes in order to bring the best out of our.

Alliance Partners

The PEC noted that in some areas in the Province like Knysna, Oudtsoorn, COSATU is not visible. We resolved that all our Alliance partners must double their efforts and plug into the ANC programme as we begin to reclaim all spaces for an overwhelming victory for the ANC. The structures of SANCO and their programmes must be strengthen in order to continue leading communities.

The PEC received Regional and local reports from its various Local leaders and it is clear communities and people are tired (gatvol) of the Democratic Alliance deception and lies. communities and people are tired (gatvol) of the DA`s baasskap and racism in our rural and farm areas. They are tired of farm evictions and slave wages. They are tired of high rates and services (pink letters), they are tired of being abused (Mayor swearing), communities and people are tired (gatvol)are tired (gatvol) of crime, drugs and gansterism and the DA`s city of cape town blaming SAPs, Instead of working with Community Police Forum.

Communities are tired of the DA city of Cape Town gentrification programme, they are tired of lack of basic services especially to our poor back yarders and informal areas.

International Relations,

The PEC continues to celebrate the bold decision by National government to bring the Hamas Leadership into the Country and into the City of Cape Town. We are happy that our Muslim Community in the Western Cape embraced this visit and came out in their numbers to celebrate our International guests and celebrated even more the bold decision by the ANC over and against the liberal forces that seek to portray the ANC support of Muslims in a bad light.


The PEC resolved that all ANC officials must double their efforts to fight hard for our communities in order for the DA not to abuse them.

The PEC concluded that the ANC`s impact on the ground is essential and must be felt strongly. Our Structures, such as Branches and Leagues, Ward Committees and Councilors need to be strengthened. Our strategy will give us the maximum strengthen we need, from Media and Communications to Mobilization and Monitoring and evaluation. The ANC also encourages all unregistered voters to go register in order to be eligible to vote.

We are a government in waiting in this Province and in all Municipalities we are not currently governing.

Faiez Jacobs

Provincial Secretary
For Media related queries
Yonela Diko