ANC Calls for Strengthening of Standardized tests not systemic tests

ANC Calls for Strengthening of Standardized tests not systemic tests

4 November 2015

The Western Cape Provincial Educations`s Department systemic tests are increasingly becoming a bottleneck to a pipeline that feeds a trickle of pupils into Higher education as it unnecessarily adds another layer of examining, sows doubts about the quality of the normal and national standardised tests and ultimately sows self doubt on the pupils themselves.

On 14 October 2014, learners in the Western Cape began to write the Western Cape Education Department`s (WCED) annual systemic testing in Language and Mathematics. These capricious and opaque tests sets off a false race of mongering and provincial self importance that is immiserating the pupils and parents (in practice, mostly mothers) especially of single parents homes.

What is the purpose of these Provincial Systemic tests that is not already being achieved by standardized tests. The Provincial Education department seems unable to give a coherent answer to what really education is about and why these systemic tests drive to that goal. Education should teach pupils to reason logically and statistically, and a more holistic way of learning instead of an obsession with tests which ultimate drive pupils to memorize their work to ace tests instead of internalising education.

The ANC supports the families who have refused to take these senseless tests and also supports the South African Teachers Union`s call for these tests to be scrapped.

If anything is broken, only strengthening standardized tests can fix it.